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UX Project \\ 2019

My final project at the user experience course at the Technion external studies.


Fitness application to manage your workouts at the gym, and join your fitness community 


UX Project \\ 2019

Desktop application to help families and individuals who want to save money.

Car Valet

UI Project \\ 2018

A feature for hotels application that wants to give their clients car valet services.


UI Project \\ 2017

A design concept for a social website that connects fashion firms and fashion students, to help them find internship and create their own portfolio in the industry.


UI Project \\ 2016

AR application that shows the user the smells around him and gives him another perspective of life. 

Family Time

UI Project \\ 2016

A friendly and fun application for the whole family to get to know each other through trivia games created by the family timeline. 

Space Run

UI Project \\ 2016

UI Concept for a side-scrolling game that tells the story of an astronaut who got stuck in space and needs help to get back home 

Omer Morag

Omer Morag

UX UI Designer

UX UI Lead. I LOVE the connection between creativity and technology. I have been working in the industry for over 5 years and learned that every moment of my work fills me with more and more passion for the job.

I worked as a creative designer, but now I find the interactive world intriguing.

From sketching wireframes to the UI design as a whole.

I believe that there is much to learn from every challenge and that a solution exists for any challenge out there.


Without further ado, it would be a pleasure to meet you and discuss my qualifications in more detail.