Budget App \\ UX Project

Desktop application to help people save money and reach their personal goals and change their finance lifestyle.


Saving money never been an easy thing to do. People would like to have many things, but not always would be able to pay for them.


Nowadays we have so many applications that help us to document our outcomes and incomes and label our habits. But what can we learn for the future?



Increase the users number


Convert users to premium mode


Make it a daily use product





The user will be able to use the product in the basic model for free. However, if the user would like to use different features or to open more than five budgets, get mobile notifications or add personal categories, he will be asked to upgrade his profile to premium in monthly subscription 

Who are the users?

Young parents to one kid or more who want to manage their financial life better

User Goals

  1. To know where all his money going every month

  2. To learn how could he save money every month 

  3. To create minimal saving for important goals





  • Set up a family budget

  • Add expanse 

  • Add income

  • Set saving goals


  • Notification

  • Edit \ delete goals

  • Edit \ delete budget

  • Current saving status

  • Look at previous months

Nice to have

  • Get memo to enter an expanse 

  • Graph view

  • Sync your credit card

  • Sync bank account 

  • Sort budgets

  • add users to your account 

  • Change currency 

  • Share in social media

  • Compare yourself to other users

As a single mother, I would like to see irregular expenses so I could understand which one is needless

As a father who works late, I would like to sort my expenses by categories so I could learn where my money goes every month

As a mother to four kids, I would like to accept notifications to my mobile so I would remember to add my expenses 

As a single mother, I would like to see my current expanse expanses so I could see where my money goes

As a father, I would like to be notified every time I make irregular expanse so I could manage my money right

As a full-time job mom, I would like to know how much left from my monthly budget so I could know how much money I can spend

As a young father, I would like to receive finance tips so I could learn how to save money in the future

As a father, I would like to compare my incomes and expanse so I could see how much money I saved 

User stories

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-10 at

6UP to test different types of layouts 


Low fidelity Wireframes 


High fidelity Wireframes 

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