Family Time

Trivia App \\ UI Project

Concept show for an interactive app for the whole family. How well do you know your family? Family time creates interactive games based on family information. Also, the app creates a timeline for the family history based on information and life events from all the users.

Created with Nadav Hutzler


We all have families. some have small families and others have a big one. Families have history and many stories to that build and created a legacy and should be remembered and be told. 

How well do you know your family?

The challenge

Stories told from generation to generation, fathers tell their sons and so on. but nowadays we live more and more and a different story and our generation live his everyday moment through our mobile phone.


The main challenge was to find a way to keep the family legacy and history with the young generation in a creative and fun way

The solution 

If people want to use their mobile, they should. every family has her own timeline that gathers all the life events. why not use this to create a trivia game that could be played and also teach the family history

Answer Questions

The way to create a trivia game begins with the user himself. every family member gets to answer personal questions about himself so the other will get to know him better

Add Events

Create a family timeline by simply adding an event for anything you want to remember (birthdays, graduations, marriage and more)


Challenge another family member with a different and fun task every time


Based on the timeline events and the personal questions the application create different trivia question that everyone can enjoy

The family Timeline

After all, every family gets to create a personal timeline that could be open and users can go through events and keep memories in a safe and close place

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