Fitness App \\ UX Project

My final project at the user experience course at the Technion external studies.


Fitness application to manage your workouts at the gym, and join your fitness community 


People nowadays are more aware of their health and lifestyle. More and more people start to eat healthier and exercise in different sports.

But what happens when we don't know how to rich our goal?

how can we manage to go to the gym if our schedule is super tight

I started this project with one thing on my mind; How can I help people to go to the gym and achieve their personal goals.

As a person who goes to the gym I know, there are different problems who stand in our way when we try to go healthy.

The challenge

The main challenge was helping people to find time and motivation to go to the gym. People not always find time in their busy schedule to fit in one hour of training. Moreover, if they do find the time, do they know what to do?

I just can't find

time to workout!


Life and fitness is a very spoken topic when you google it. However, I wanted to understand people goals, habits and lifestyle. 


I read many articles and research about people motivation to do exercise and what keep people away from the GYM. But to get the real thoughts, I created a survey and published it on Facebook.


I asked questions about people personal goals and if they do have a membership, what is their training plan. Moreover, it was more interesting to ask those who don't own a membership, why? and what will help them to go to get one?


is the average age of the people who answered they survey


People who own a GYM membership


Don't follow any practice plan and don't know what to do when they visit the GYM


People answered my survey

Vered Green
Vered Green \\ 28, Tel Aviv


Vered is a single woman who lives in Tel Aviv with her dog. Usually, Vered is looking for online articles and recipes for a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, she goes to the GYM near her apartment but she doesn't have fitness classes to sign up to. Vered is new in Tel Aviv and doesn't have many friends yet.

Amir Brown
Amir Brown \\ 33, Kibbutz in south


Amir wakes up early every morning to work in the orchards near his house. When the day ends, he likes to spend the time with his family. Amir doesn't have any gym around his house but he is looking for an exercise to do by himself.

Kobi Blue \\ 32, Haifa


Working 9-12 hours a day. most of his diet is basically junk food. however, Kobi spends the rest of his day at gyms. nevertheless, Kobi goes to the GYM 3-4 times a week. because Kobi doesn't see any change on his body he replaces his GYM once in a while.

Illan Gold \\ 40, Hertzelia

Business man

"Time is money", that is the life quate that Illan follow every day. He works all the time, when he is not in the office, he is texting and read his emails. lately, Illan Signed up to a GYM to give himself a little time to relax. Illan is having trouble to find time to go to the GYM, and when he goes he doesn't know what to do there by himself.

Business Goals

  • Work with different GYMs to increase the number of users.

  • Premium plan and monthly subscription 

  • Click ads

User Goals

  • Build a self-training plan

  • Find the right workouts to rich the user personal goals

  • Create social trainers community to help users find new friends and give the motivation to go to the GYM

The solution

What if, we could connect our nearby gym to our phone, that will make signing up for class easier. But that's not enough.
My solution begins with creating personal goals, that will make the app more personal.

6UP for different concepts

After the user will sign up and fill his personal goals (weight, number of sessions or classes and more), the app will offer the user not only to connect his gym but also show workouts that will help him to reach his personal goals followed by healthy recipes that support the user lifestyle.

Low fidelity Wireframes 

I believe that networking is everything. What is more, a motivation bomb than go workout with friends?

By connecting the user gym, he can simply connect with friends and sign up to classes with them. Nevertheless, the gym's guides will be available online for any questions and guide lines for the next workout.

High fidelity Wireframes 

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