Car Valet

Valet feature \\ UI Project

You just arrived at your hotel and all you want is to get ASAP to your room.


With the car valet feature of your hotel, you now can do it smother without any problems.


With the feature, you can hand over the car to the valet and get it back whenever.

Nevertheless, you could also ask for different services like a car wash or oil check as well


So, did you bring your car?

Can't see the prototype? click here!

Park my car.png

Car Dashboard

Open the feature and from here parking your car getting easier. Nevertheless, you also take care of your car when you give it to the valet. 


Wash your car or check the oil level. planning a trip for the next day? check out trips and tips around your hotel.

Parking your car

When giving your car to the valet, all you need is to enter your car plate number and your phone number for contact. 

Got an electric car? no problem! ask the valet to charge your car while it stays in the parking lot

Wait for your car.png

Get your car back

Need to go somewhere?

Ask the valet to return your car back. After you enter the time you will be downstairs at the lobby, you will see the timer that informs you when your car will be at the entrance.


Also, you will see the driver name and number just in case he just missed you. Don't worry, you can always cancel the call and the car will go back to its spot.

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